The missing poem
is the poem

Ordinary  and extraordinary, private and public,indoor and outdoor,
close and far, real and virtual change their connotation.
The lo-fi snapshots, fresh signifier of a dystopic scenario, are the investigation of unexplored meeting territories.
Images trace a new topography of spaces and connections.
The shooting is a mute and still travel that reveals
intimate and dreamlike boundaries.

The FaceTime shooting was born
as an exclusive project for KUNST Magazine
with the collaboration between
stylist Olympia De Molossi and Nicla Pizzolorusso,
photographer Giorgia Mannavola/PEPE fotografia
and Lila Braghero/Elite Modeling Agency in Milan.
Designers are LRÜrbānCōütürė®, Giulia Camata,
Claudia Valente, Valentina L. Fontana,
ValentiGiorgio Cinosi, and Gioacchino Gentile.