IED Torino feat. Elasi


A bizarre award ceremony becomes the excuse to introduce the collections
developed by young fashion designers from IED course ’21/’22.
The suggestions that led their concept - surrealism, color, technology and cultural mix -
resulted in the mixing of existing worlds and fantasies,
with reality and hyperreality next to each other
in the same frame projecting a future that takes roots from popular culture.

The screens are the filter of different situations:
televisions, surveillance cameras and monitors become enabling instruments.

Trophies become themselves significance of a path of creative emancipation -
wish for a professional future rich in recognition.

Models and extra actors - result of a street casting -
are intentionally far away from the ideal aesthetic representation common in catwalks.

People and avatars live together inside the same context.
The only star appearing in the video - Elasi - pulls the strings
of this virtual world of extravagance and uniqueness.

styling - Anna Neretto
mua - Gloria Corradino