IED Torino

Fashion Design Department thesis 19/20

Re-Union - a thesis project by Fashion Design 19/20 students.
In a year characterized by the suspension of social life and productivity -
IED Torino's students focused on the realization of a collection
which is a mixture of digital and practical, pushing the limits
of traditional fashion's process and communication.
The video-show underlines the hybridization
between digitally animated avatars - developed with CLO3D - and actual human figures,
giving birth to a brand new permeation of languages.

Commissioned by IED Torino
Coordinator Alessandra Montanaro

Special thanks to
Stylist Anna Neretto
MUA Carmen Vilardo
Models Ivana / 26models Milano, Tony, Margherita and Sofia

With the support of Majatai Studio and CLO3D
Featured on Vogue Italia